MADT – Multi-Application Driver Terminal

  • MADT is a HMI provider for all on board vehicle applications
  • MADT is independent of the on-board vehicle application

Several user interfaces may be set up in the vehicle in order to enable communication over the Onboard Backbone IP Network between on one side multi-profile PTA operators (driver, maintenance agent …), and virtual devices on the other side.

In ITxPT view, the MADT is the main user interface and is intended to provide a display and HMI access in the area of the driver’s cabin for all virtual devices communicating over the Onboard Backbone IP Network. It must provide HMI services to display information from these virtual devices and acquires requests for them from the user.




The main goal of FMStoIP service is to provide a data format as suitable as possible to the user need. That’s why decoded frame based on J1939 protocol are implemented. It permits to obtain data expressed in final and usable unit (e.g. example in km/h for the vehicle speed or in rpm for the engine speed) without having to decode HEX data.

The VEHICLEtoIP gateway allows data transfer from any vehicle not equipped with FMS interface (e.g. tramways…) to the Onboard Backbone IP Network on the same principle of FMStoIP service. The VEHICLEtoIP gateway allows transfer of data not included in FMS interface. The main goal is to standardize the exchanges between the Vehicle and key modules like AVMS, DPI, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), Automatic Passenger Counting (APC).