Mobileye® Shield+™

Collision avoidance system for buses and large municipal vehicles

Your drivers cannot have eyes everywhere. Our technology can help.

Mobileye Shield+ consists of two to eight vision sensors that are constantly monitoring the road ahead of the bus as well as its blind spots, on both sides of the vehicle and by the A-pillar and left mirror.

Mobileye safety technology is powered by sophisticated machine learning and computer-vision algorithms that continuously analyze the driving environment to identify hazards including other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Upon detection, Mobileye Shield+ tracks them, and when necessary, issues visual and audio alerts in real-time to assist drivers in avoiding, or at least mitigating, collisions.

No need to wait for the purchase of new vehicles. Retrofit your transit buses, articulated buses, waste collection trucks and other large vehicles with Mobileye Shield+ advanced safety technology today.

Help tackle vehicle damage costs and the costs associated with collisions, harsh braking and distracted driving by equipping your vehicles with a robust collision avoidance system.

Support infrastructure changes in your city with data. Mobileye Shield+ gives you access to an online map3 displaying the hotspots on transit routes.

Help prevent bumper-to-bumper or rear-end collisions in congested cities by equipping your vehicles with our breakthrough driver assistance technology.

Help your drivers maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead with visual and audio alerts that warn them if the following distance becomes unsafe. Customize that safe following distance to fit your fleet needs.

Help avoid collisions with pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists with pedestrian collision warnings and blind spot detection.

Mobileye Shield+ Features

Mobileye Shield+ has cameras placed around the vehicle continuously monitoring the driving environment in order to
detect pedestrians and cyclists hidden in the vehicle’s blind spots, and upon detection alerts the driver to take action.

Blind Spot Detection & Collision Warning

A yellow visual signal warns the driver that a pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist has been detected in the vehicle’s blind spot and to act with caution.

A red visual signal accompanied by an audio alert warn the driver of the risk of an imminent collision and of the need to take immediate preventative action.

Forward Collision Warning

Mobileye alerts you of an imminent collision with a vehicle or motorcycle ahead, both on highways and in urban areas, up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, allowing enough time to react.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning

Mobileye alerts you, during daylight, of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, up to 2 seconds before a collision (under 50 kmh).

Lane Departure Warning

Mobileye alerts you with visual and audio warnings when there is an unintentional deviation from the driving lane.

Headway Monitoring & Warning

Mobileye helps you keep a safe following driving distance from the vehicle ahead, and provides visual and audio alerts if the distance becomes unsafe.

Speed Limit Indicator & Traffic Sign Recognition

Mobileye recognizes certain traffic signs and speed limit signs (including electronic signs), and notifies you, both of the new speed limit and if you exceed it.
*Detects signs declared valid by the Vienna Convention

“30% of crashes could be averted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as forward collision warning/mitigation, blind spot ndetection, and lane departure warning.”

Boston Consulting Group, 2015 2

Hot Spot Mapping for Smart Cities

Mobileye Shield+ allows municipal fleet managers to access an online map3 displaying the hot spots on transit routes based on the alert data. Leverage this valuable information for city infrastructure improvements.