Smart Key

SMART KEY SYSTEM - Passive Entry & Passive Start

System characteristics:

  • Detects the FOB in proximity of the vehicle.
  • Detects the area outside the vehicle where the FOB is located.
  • Enables the lock/unlock of a single door or all doors.
  • Detects the FOB inside the vehicle close to the driver’s seat.
  • Communicates with the immobilizer system (CAN interface).
  • Manages START/STOP button.
  • Transmits FOB’s battery level to the vehicle.
  • Interfaced with GSM for Smartphones applications.
  • Basic alarm features.
  • Integrated with the fleet management system TeqMonitoring ®, it includes a satellite GPS localizer with GSM and HSDPA/LTE connectivity, for remote diagnostics and fleet monitoring.



Blade integrated in the FOB