Collision Avoidance Solution

Collision Avoidance Solution for Fleets

Single forward facing camera assists in preventing or mitigating collisions

The forward-facing camera constantly monitors the road in front of the vehicle. It identifies potentially dangerous situations, and provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision. Mobileye’s innovative device can be retrofitted to almost any vehicle.

The camera unit containing the camera, EyeQ® chip, and speaker, mounted on the inside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror.

Over 20 million vehicles are equipped with Mobileye technology, including over 300 new car models from leading OEMs. Our aftermarket system can be installed in any vehicle, meaning you don’t need to purchase new fleet vehicles to experience the safety his technology offers.

Typically, after three to four weeks of driving with the system installed, drivers grow accustomed to the alerts and anticipate them. Therefore, they naturally begin to keep a safer following distance or stop earlier in anticipation of the beep.

The Mobileye system can be integrated with TeqMonitoring® and Bus Sapiens® (ITS) solutions, allowing you to monitor drivers driving style and create incentives for improvement. This allows you to see drivers as part of the solution and not as part of the problem

The hidden costs of collisions are steep, from replacement parts and vehicle downtime, late delivery fees, increased insurance premiums and more. With Mobileye’s alerts in place, collisions can be avoided or mitigated. Drivers say that they brake harshly much less often, which invariably reduces both wear and tear and fuel usage.


The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System helps drivers by acting as a “third eye”, constantly
monitoring the road in front. It identifies certain specific potentially-dangerous situations, and
provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.

Forward Collision Warning

Mobileye alerts you of an imminent collision with a vehicle or motorcycle ahead, both on highways and in urban areas, up to 2.7 seconds before a collision, allowing enough time to react.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning

Mobileye alerts you, during daylight, of an imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, up to 2 seconds before a collision (under 50 kmh).

Lane Departure Warning

Mobileye alerts you with visual and audio warnings when there is an unintentional deviation from the driving lane.

Headway Monitoring & Warning

Mobileye helps you keep a safe following driving distance from the vehicle ahead, and provides visual and audio alerts if the distance becomes unsafe.

Speed Limit Indicator & Traffic Sign Recognition

Mobileye recognizes certain traffic signs and speed limit signs (including electronic signs), and notifies you, both of the new speed limit and if you exceed it.
*Detects signs declared valid by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals.